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Iris Dominique Dy save the date shoot.

Outfits from Forever21

HMUA - Kimberly Dy and Alexandra Dy

Photography - Mikko Mahinay

Special thanks to Chingkee Te and her adorable Mom and of course, Gillian Liboon for the extra, well-needed hand :)

If I had one chance to 
In my life again 
I wouldn’t make no changes 

And nothing’s ever perfect 
There’s no guarantee 
And if I knew the answers 
It would put my mind at ease

The way I’ve gone so far 
And maybe I’ll end up 
Tryin’ to catch a fallin star

We live in the real world, I’m just a real girl 
I know exactly where I stand 

Iris Dominique or “Nique” is such a great wonderful and cute person to work with. Doesn’t complain, doesn’t demand and all she did was laugh. One of the best debut related work I have ever done!:-)
Many thanks again to the Dy sisters and Chingkee Te for letting us use her shop for some of the photographs.
And yes, this and CGY kept me busy and why you all I thought I died. I didn’t. :))
For now, cheers! Xx
2 years ago on 06/25/12 at 10:37pm

More Behind the scenes photos from what’s coming soon.

(Screenshots from videos taken from my mobile)

CGY is going to highlight every issue a featured designer and featured photographer and we had to choose the nicest designer in Cagayan de Oro city, Sir Benjie Manuel and the most down to earth yet in-demand photographer, Dustein Sibug, to be on our first issue! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you for having some spare time to do a shoot for us and sit down for a few minutes to do the interview. Just evidence on how both really support every new idea and young talent. 

Another BTS

This time from my camera. Wednesday was a very gloomy day in Cagayan de Oro city. A typhoon locally named as “Butsoy” was about to hit the Philippines so the weather was perfect for getting cozy with your blankets. But I couldn’t afford to waste any time since I had to shoot our first issue’s “great food find” and “upcoming talent/business” features respectively. Woke up at 8 am despite the drowsy weather, pick the ever amazing hair & make-up artist Ryan up from his place and hit the brakes to Xavier Estates where we had to shoot Aileen Lee and her blossoming pastry business and rising interior designer to many clients, Ayen Chiong. I didn’t let Ryan bring his make-up kit to the shoot since I knew Shekinah (Aileen’s younger sister) has her own army of make-up that would rival his. LoL. 

Ryan tried on one of Ayen’s infamous high heels. You can tell from the next photo why I told Ayen her shoe closet is “every tranny’s dream come true.”

Zoe was unable to come along because of the heavy rain earlier that day. The path from his house to the main road got damaged. Which is okay since we had Victor around to keep us laughing. 

Cutie Karleen! Awww. She was such a doll in person! Last time I shot Karleen was when she was still inside Aileen’s tummy. 

That’s it for now. I have one more editorial assigned to finish, but there are several mode editorials than just all this. I feel tired, crazy and about to lose my nuts but it’s really the kind of stress that I love. If you’d like us to feature you or someone you know, please do give us an e-mail at!:-)

'Til next time, cheers! Xx

2 years ago on 06/15/12 at 12:03pm