If I returned to this place, would you still love me?

1 year ago on 06/27/13 at 07:52pm

For the day I die, Imma touch the sky.

- Kanye West.

With just roughly around 4 hours of sleep and some heavy, last minute packing and cleaning right plus a refreshing but extremely cold weather, Tagaytay seemed like the perfect pre-Punta Fuego destination since it was just along the way.

It was not my first nor second time to be in Tagaytay but it was my first time to go there a la cowboy style with a jeepney ride to the peak and most of all, with the whole crew. A quick breakfast at the local market and BOOM! I was in awe at the delicious bulalo and almost every food stall offered unlimited bananas and pineapples. Beat that unli-rice!

Couple shots!

Ayen and Carlo were with us too but they went back to the condo roughly an hour before departing for the trip so both were very tired and sleepy to join the photos.

Last time I went to Tagaytay was sometime around August last year and most of it was spent inside my friend PJ’s resthouse at the Tagaytay Highlands so I never really got a chance to see more of Tagaytay. My first ever trip to Tagaytay was with my friends Kate and Nicole and it was during a rainy night and went directly at the Antonio’s Mansion. 

I really have a thing to be one campy and cheesy tourist. I mean, unless you go all out at some place new or some place you barely go to, in what other way can you really feel the place?

So I really got happy when we went to this place where it had like some sort of ruins if I’m not mistaken. Really breathtaking!<3

And I don’t mean this to offend anyone or anything at all but I really do think the local government ought to fix the park’s signage. It could be misread as:

More photos to come but for now, cheers! Xx

2 years ago on 07/10/12 at 11:00pm